Chaos Dwarves (Border Town Burning)

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Chaos Dwarves (Border Town Burning)

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Few scholars know how exactly these Dwarfs came to be the evil and twisted creatures of Chaos they are now. A long and slow warping process has changed them forever. Sundered from others of their kind, trapped in underground holds on the ash-choked Plain of Zharr, darkness swept over them. From a worship born out of desperation, the bull-shaped god Hashut became their saviour and the Dwarfs of Karak Vlag became a perverted mockery of their former selves. Through infernal pacts with their mysterious daemon deity this bitter race has endured and gained an unnatural mastery of foul magic. They practice bloodthirsty rites which involve throwing captives into burning cauldrons of molten metal. 
The Black Dwarfs constantly trade armour, weapons and machines forged out of precious metals with their hammers and vile sorcery, for fresh supplies and victims. Those condemned souls are brought back to the Dark Lands. Deep beneath the the ziggurat shaped obsidian tower they are sentenced to toil in the labour pits of Mingol Zharr-Naggrund, the City of Fire and Desolation. 
Fell Sorcerer Priests mastermind tactical raids harvesting prisoners on the Silver Road to expand their labour force. Scouting for rich mineral veins and metal ores while scouring the land for wyrdstone deposits, has led detachments of the Children of Darkness to Mordheim. 

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Example Miniatures

Below is a selection of images taken from Titan Wargames.  These miniatures look ideal for making a Chaos Dwarven Warband!

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