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Post by Kramanal on Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:35 am

Hi, I'm a veteran (antique) wargamer from NE Fife, looking for a friendly group of gamers.
I originally used to play 1/300 WW2(Cambrai to Sinai), 1/1200 WW1 naval and 15mm ancients & Napoleonics.
I gave up playing these games about 35 years ago.
My son introduced me to 40K... I love it, over the last 10years I have built up an army of about 200K points of space marines. I started with Iron Hands, went through Salamanders but have standardised on 'Scars for the last few years.
He has now gone to university, and the campeign group I used has folded so I dont have any opponentsĀ Crying or Very sad.
I am a play for fun guy and would rather have fun losing with a fluffy army than power game.
I probably wont be a regular weekly player, but, hope to play at least once a month.
Is 40k still popular?
Can you just come along on a thursday night, or do u need to prebook and organise games?
I am considering dabbling with Flames of War, is it possible to try this in the club?
As I am unemployed I dont want to buy a pile of 15mm tanks etc and find I dont like the game.
If I do decide to go FOW I will need to offload some of my marines to fund it, shouldn't be too hard.
Sorry for the long tome.


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