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Wood Elves in Kings of War - Kevs Mini Blog

Post by finlayk on Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:09 pm

After an intro game at SKELP this year I have been puled into Mantic's world of Kings of War.

I have not played any form of full army wargame since 7th Ed Warhammer Fantasy and to be honest it was a hole in my hobby life needing filled.

So after a total gubbing at the hands of Neil for my intro game, I was sold!

Free rules, Free army lists and quick bloody gaming... who could ask for any more.

I came home and pondered about armies and such like and blew the dust off of my fantasy army shelf in the gaming cave.. After a bit of debate and research online I decided to proxy some of my wood elves as an elven list in Kings of war.

Now after my initial small game as Orcs against undead.... Neil and I have had 2 1000 point games using my elves and Neils Undead. I have been pretty please with the game so far, so looking to make a more permanent force for use in this system. Alot of this army is already painted but I will be changing some things and adding to it aswell as spicing up my existing army...

So what better place to start... an Army Standard Bearer.

Kev afro

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Re: Wood Elves in Kings of War - Kevs Mini Blog

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:36 pm

Really like this model and the way you capitalized on the woodland feel.  

Fantasy miniatures are indeed a good way to get into the game!


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