Please Read First Before Posting!

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Please Read First Before Posting!

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:05 pm


When creating a new sales topic, please ensure you follow these important rules below. Anyone caught not following these rules will have their thread deleted without notification.


When starting your thread, please state whether you are wanting to buy or wanting to sell in the title along with the item name and the game it is related to.

Example selling: WTS - Warhammer 40k CSM Defiler
Example trading: WTT - Warhammer 40k CSM Defiler for SM Landraider

WTS - Want to sell, WTB - Want to buy, WTT - Want to trade

Please also use the below template within your thread description.


Sale Item: [Name of item you are selling]
Condition: [New/Built/Painted/Etc]
Price: [Name a price or "Open to Offers"]
Trade: [Yes/No/Maybe]


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