Rules and Requirements

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Rules and Requirements

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The Tayside and Angus Gaming Network forums are privately run by a team of moderators who volunteer their time.  These moderators reserve the right to remove any and all content submitted by users and take action against any user who submits content that violates the Forums Rules.

If a user chooses to break any of the Forum rules, they will receive a verbal warning for their first offence, depending on the severity of the offence.  This warning will be issued by a private message from either a moderator, club official or an admin outlining the offence.

If they choose to break one of our rules again within an undefined timeframe, they will receive a suspension of 7 days in which time they will not be able to access the forums or their account.

Severe breaches of the rules will result in a permanent ban.  This decision will not be taken lightly and will be issued only be an admin. 

If you do not feel your warning/suspension or ban is justified, you may contact any of the Admins by PM or email us.

Forum Rules - General

  1. TAGN is a family forum and open to users of all ages.  Therefore we ask that there be no swearing or use of vulgar language, no posting images depicting violence or pornography and no posting of links to sexual or violent content.

  2. Please respect the other members of this forum. Although you might not agree with everything being posted, please behave respectfully to other board members. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. (flaming/trolling). 

  3. The native language of this forum is English; please ensure you post only in English. 

  4. Please do not post dragged out words such as “LoooooooooooooooL” as this can cause scroll bars.

  5. Club politics will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This forum is designed to bring the local gaming community together, and any posts to the contrary will be removed.

  6. Please use the search function before posting.

  7. Refrain from necroposting topics over a year old, unless for good reason.

  8. Do not be 'clever' with the word filter. SHOUTING ALL THE TIME is not acceptable either.

  9. Be considerate of other people's backgrounds. Racism, sexism or other kinds of offensive comments are unacceptable.

  10. We do not allow the use l33t or text speak of any sort. Members are expected to use proper sentences with punctuation and capital letters.  

  11. Avatars must not be of the sexual/violent nature or animated.

  12. Please stay on topic. Personal chatting should be taken to e-mail.

  13. Do not post Army Builder lists direct to the forum as they are very difficult to read and the forum members don't really want to know that your knight has a horse which cost 0 points. Simply edit the list in WordPad to make it more legible. 

  14. Do not post any links/topics or discussions on any subject that relates to the breach of copyright of any product.

Moderators will delete posts that show a blatant disregard for the above rules. (at their discretion)

Forum Rules – Club Sections
1.       The section for “Gaming Clubs” is designed for discussion of club matters relevant to each club listed.  While these areas are not password protected or private, they are there for Club use only.  You may reply to topics and posts but please do not interfere with club business. 
2.       General Club Rules apply in these areas too.  Any club politics or flaming will be met with suspension.
Forum Rules – Trader and Retailer Sections
1.       The section for “Retailers and Traders” is reserved for discussions related to the relevant traders only.  This can include discussions regarding shop events and products etc.
2.       In no circumstance should posts be made highlighting other shops that provide better discounts or products in these areas.  

Club Requirements

Each Member Club must put forward between 1 and 2 of their own members to be promoted to Club Moderators.  A Club Moderators' duty is to keep their own forum sections clean of unnecessary posts and notify the General Moderator/Admin team of any members they wish banned or deleted.

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