Hello from Common Ground Games

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Hello from Common Ground Games

Post by Steve CGG on Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:05 am

Welcome everyone to our little section of this forum.
In case some of you don't know who we are, we are Scotland's largest gaming venue located in the centre of Stirling. We have 20 permanent custom built 6x4 wargaming tables with terrain, and space for card, board and RPG players capable of seating 60 as well. We also have, I believe, the most varied shop stock covering all the major gaming systems as well as some of the more esoteric ones. We have a wide cross section of boardgames. Also on site we have a full service café with real Barista coffee, and hot and cold snacks.
We have a very active Magic community with a Draft happening every Wednesday evening and Friday Night Magic. We also have special events run by the players themselves, as well as sanctioned release and pre-release events.
Most of these events are posted on our facebook pages, both the shop page and the group page. We also have our own forums which are specific to the shop.
Upcoming events are:
This weekend we welcome the Malifaux GT on Sat and Sun
Also on Sunday we are having an X-Wing tournament. Starting around 2pm escalation format, 4 games, 60pt, 90pt, 120pt, 150pt.
November 23rd sees the Ochil Bowl coming to town. An officially sanctioned Blood Bowl Tournament, details at Stirling Wargamers site.
Nov, 30 and Dec 1st see a Hobbit Tournament coming to the space details also on the Stirling Wargamers site.
Dec 7th, Our own Warhammer Fantasy 100pt Warband tournament. Full details on our forum.
Then in the New Year on the 11th of January we are hosting a team Doubles event, 4 player team each person plays a doubles game with a different team mate over the course of the day. Details are on our forums.
Hopefully we will be able to welcome you in person either at on of our events or just as a drop in to see us in person. If you do let us know you found us through the forum and if anyone wants more info about our events, facebook pages or forums, then message me or find us and sign in.
Common Ground Games

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Re: Hello from Common Ground Games

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:13 am

Welcome to the Forums!

Thanks for joining us Smile

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