News: Alien vs Predator The Miniatures Game

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News: Alien vs Predator The Miniatures Game

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 16, 2013 1:40 am

If you haven't already seen this, then where the hell have you been?

Alien vs Predator the GAME!  It looks really sweet!

Check it out here!

The AvP The Hunt Begins Deluxe Edition can be ordered here only on Kickstarter. It is a bespoked and Kickstarter Exclusive version of the game designed specifically for the model connoisseur and collector alike. The deluxe game includes our Procast model making technique to make the high quality and detail multipose and official 28mm polyurethane miniatures of these seminal icons of screen and prose. As well as the cutting edge miniatures, the KS Exclusive AvP The Hunt Begins Gamers Collection Edition will be packaged in a deluxe KS-only box and include exclusive tokens and cards. (In late 2014 there will be a large scale produced version which will include 1 or 2 piece plastic versions of each model and will be independent of KS).
Unlocking of stretch goals will allow the addition of the AVP expansion packs as add-ons and includes faction specific themed objective markers, as well as a Hardback version of the AvP Wargame Rulebook and for example, the Predalien, Alien Warriors and many other models.  

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