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Elysium Allied Players

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 03, 2013 4:21 pm

SoldiersSailors and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force...

To the benefit of the Allied players, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of what units you own for "lend/leasing".  That way you can have a change from the normal some days.

Steven Y
2 US Paratrooper Platoon (6 Bases)
1 US Paratrooper Pioneer Platoon (Winter)
1 US Paratrooper Supply Cart
1 US Paratrooper Machinegun Platoon (8 Bases)
1 US Paratrooper Mortar Platoon (4 Bases)
1 British Rifle Platoon
Various Commands

Big Guns and Artillery
Steven Y
6 M3 105mm Howitzers and Staff
2 25pdr Guns (no staff)

Motor Pool
Steven Y
5 Cromwell Tanks
10 Sherman Tanks
4 Firefly Tanks
1 Challenger Tank
5 Lee Grant Tanks
5 Stuart Tanks

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