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Welcome to the Library Club sub forum!

Post by david Michie on Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:05 pm

Hello Minions!

So I really don't know how many people will use this sub forum.  But we are here anyway.  We run a library club for wargames every second Tuesday night between 4 and 6pm, for the ages of 11-18.

At present we mainly play 40k but have been known to run, Kings Of War, Jacobite rebellion and many many other games.Wink 

So pop along and see us if you want. 

Even although you are not under 18 It would be good to see you.

Oh I also sometimes attend Elysium when my work commitments allow me.

We have a facebook page where we post all our antics and you can find us :

david Michie
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