Elysium Mordheim Resources Page!

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Elysium Mordheim Resources Page!

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:08 pm

Elysium Wargames is preparing to host a Mordheim Campaign starting in January.  The length of this Campaign will be defined by how many players want to take part!  The idea will simply be play each other twice in a league format before going through to a small cup round.  
Anyone and everyone can join in and you certainly do not have to play EVERY week.  We want this to be as enjoyable as possible!
This page has been set up for the usage of Elysium members, and indeed anyone else who wishes to use them.  I will list available Warbands with links to their lists as well as available mercenaries and what not.

Note:  Mordheim is not about winning, it's not about building an unstoppable Warband that tears everyone else to pieces, it's about having fun and enjoying the game.  It's about laughing heartily as your warband leader loses a leg and now has to hobble about.  It's about watching a shadow warrior leap gracefully from roof top to roof top then missing a ledge and is sent hurtling to his death.  It's about creating something that is your own!  Unique conversions are as important to the game as rolling the dice.  So please, think upon this before you start planning your warband.   Cool 

What is Mordheim?
"Mordheim is a skirmish game; set 500 years before the current time in the Warhammer world, where opposing factions fight in the ruins of a once-great city. Mordheim, once a great city capital of the Empire's most northern realm, was slowly enveloped by corruption. The only beacon of hope and sanity in Mordheim was the Convent of the Sisterhood of Sigmar. Weeks before the end of the year 1999, the symbol of Sigmar himself - the twin-tailed comet - had appeared in the sky. As midnight of the final day of the year approached, Daemons crept from the shadows and mingled with the throng, crying joyously and cavorting with man and woman alike. As the festival reached its zenith, the comet impacted upon the city. Only the Temple of Sigmar's Rock, home to the Sisterhood of Sigmar, remained unblemished. The city burned for weeks, the comet leaving the ruins of Mordheim covered in shards of solidified Chaos, soon to become known as wyrdstone. When Mordheim finally stopped burning, mercenary warbands from all over the Empire and beyond came in search of it, for it was said that wyrdstone can do anything; change your luck and fortune and turn lead into gold. Of course, Man was not the only race interested in wyrdstone, and many other creatures prowl the City of the Damned. 
If you like the idea of playing in a narrative campaign where the outcome of each battle effects the next, where your warband progress, gaining experience and better equipment, then Mordheim is for you. Read on to get started with Mordheim."

Amended Rules
Mordheim is a very old game that started in the late 90's early 00's and was sadly discontinued.  In it's place there are literally dozens of what we call "living rulebooks" where fan sites and communities have come together and amended the old rules to make them more balanced or by adding new rules and cool little perks.  Keeping in with the current standard, we have amended the existing rulebooks and added and amended our own parts (in red).  You can have a look at these by following the links below.  By definition, this too is our own "living rulebook" and should the community as a whole decided they would like something to be amended, then we can easily do so! 

Part 1 (Rules) - Removed pending review  Twisted Evil 

House Rules Overview
I thought it would be a good idea to list any changes to the initial rules on this page as well to highlight to the more experienced players what we're hoping to achieve.  These can be changed at any time before the campaign, so they are far from set in stone.  

The first 3 changes are combat orientated to help balance out the 3 different play styles to stop the 2 weapon spam that always happens.

  • Hand Weapon and Shield - When using a hand weapon and a shield, the bearer gains a bonus +1 to to their armour taking them up to a 5+ Armour save.  +1 From the Shield and +1 for combining them to create a "Tank" style unit.
  • Two Handed Weapons strike at -2 to the wielders initiative instead of Always Strike Last.
  • When using two hand weapons, the wielder has a -1 to hit penalty for the off hand weapon.  Attacks are split evenly between the wielders good hand and off hand selecting which is which.

Available Warbands
As you might expect, over the years fan creations have been made to incorporate other species and races in the Mordheim setting.  Some of these are over powered or under powered and should be checked over by a GM before choosing.  Below is a list of Warbands that have already been checked and deemed suitable for this campaign.

Averland Mercenaries - Official Warband
Beastmen Raiders - Official Warband
Carnival of Chaos - Official Warband
Dwarf Treasure Hunters - Official Warband
Kislevite Warband - Official Warband
Marienburg Warband - Official Warband
Middenheimers - Official Warband
Orc and Goblin Hordes - Official Warband
Ostander Mercenaries - Official Warband
Reikland Mercenaries - Official Warband
Sisters of Sigmar - Official Warband
Skaven Warband - Official Warband
Undead Warband - Official Warband
Witch Hunters - Official Warband

Lizardmen Warband - Unofficial (May require play testing)
Dwarven Rangers - Unofficial - Playtested
Imperial Gunnery School of Nuln - Unofficial - Playtested
Black Orcs - Unofficial - Playtested
Bretonnian Warband - Unofficial (May require play testing)
Druchii Warband - Unofficial - Playtested
Chaos Raiders - Unofficial (May require play testing)
Wood Elves - Unofficial (May require play testing)
Shadow Warriors - Unofficial - Modified version of official one.
[url=http://bordertownburning.ciantygames.com/pdf/11 Norse Explorers.pdf]Norse Explorers BTB[/url] - Unofficial (May require play testing)

[url=http://bordertownburning.ciantygames.com/pdf/12 Merchant Caravans.pdf]Merchant Caravans[/url] - Unofficial (May require play testing)

Trading with other players.
To create a bit of a unique difference in our campaign, players will be able to exchange items with each other for gold or for other items.  All trades must be recorded by the GM between battles.  Trades can also be made on the TAGN forums.  Once an item has been traded, you cannot trade that item back with the other player (to stop loaning of items for battles).

To begin a trade, a player should either announce he is intent on selling an item OR he should open negotiations with another player in private.  Once the trade has been agreed, it should be declared to the GM so he can record it in the book of trades.  Example: Player 1 Sold Item: Sword to Player 2 for 8gc.

Campaign Management.
Please follow the below rules to help in the management of the campaign.

Each player will be required to have an official roster sheet for their warband, preferably a printed version of this one here!  It is recommended you print this out and fill it in with a pencil so you can make changes at any point during the campaign (adding injuries, experience, new band members, etc).  You can also request a printed version at the club for the fee of 50p per roster.

A copy of your warband will be stored on a data pen to stop cheating  Evil or Very Mad .  Not that I would expect any of you to cheat  Very Happy.

Post Game rolling: Injuries, Advances, etc MUST be done with an official or Game Manager present.  This will be recorded on the data pen as well.

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Re: Elysium Mordheim Resources Page!

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 25, 2013 12:06 am

Warband Ideas
Making a Warband is easy!  And you can do so for little cost to you, depending on what Warband you go for that is!
Since we have so many new players to the Mordheim Concept, I thought I would throw together some ideas!  You can also discuss your ideas with Mr Paddy at Games Workshop Dundee.

Human Mercenary Warband

Pretty much the "Warband-in-a-box" solution!  This box provides an array of different weaponary including "20 multi-part plastic Empire Militia, which can be assembled with a variety of weapons such as swords, knives, axes, crossbows and bows to name but a few."


This should be enough to get off to a great start with your warband!  Recommended!

Skaven Warband

Get off to a quick start with your Skaven Warband!  Depending on what you want to use, this may well be the only box you need!  Swords, Daggers, Slings, Claws, loads of stuff to choose from!


Dwarven Rangers

For Dwarves, GW has a massive range of models you can use in your Treasure Hunter warband!  But this box set for the Rangers is just fantastic! Avatars of War really have made the perfect set for making the Ranger Warband in my opinion.  This box should pretty much be all you need to make a Dwarven Ranger Warband, although you will need to pick up a couple of slayers too  Very Happy 

Check it out!: http://www.avatars-of-war.com/eng/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&prodcode=pl07&prodname=Dwarf+Pathfinders&mediumcast=plastic&id=118&Itemid=115

Shadow Warriors (High Elves)

A box of 10 Shadow Warriors!  Allows you to build all your henchmen then add some sexy Hero Characters too!  What more can you want?!


More to follow!

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