Clear out of 40k imperial guard

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Clear out of 40k imperial guard

Post by ShawnWatson on Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:16 pm

Hi guys. I'm an ex gamer who used to use the games workshop store in dundee for a number of years.

Iv been clearing out some old stuff and came across a number of imperial guard, space marine and terrain that I am currently looking to sell. Iv created a few adds on dundee gumtree listing the items. 

There's a Cadian army
3 leman russ/forge world items
Space wolves
2 rhino
Original series 1 land raider
Numerous terrain 

All the items are open to offers and I'm hoping to get the items sold to a newbie to give them a decent start into 40k.

Hoping to sell local and if any person collects they can take as much spares as they want.

Thanks shawn


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