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Small Trader links!

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 15, 2013 6:58 pm

Below is a list of small traders who produce or sell some pretty awesome stuff that can be used for Warhammer 40k and indeed other gaming systems using similar scales!

Well worth looking at!

Victoria Miniatures
Link: Website
First up we have Victoria Miniatures.  This website is located in Australia but has very reasonable delivery so don't be put off!  This is defiantly for the Guard players on here who want to add cloaks or awesome armour/heads hell even KILTS! to their models.
I have spoken to Victoria by email and she is a very nice person to talk to.  Any of her sets can be swapped out for other parts and the quality is very high!

Curious Constructs
Link: Website
Curious Constructs is a uk based company with some pretty neat stuff up for sale.  Praetorian players will love this stuff as it's mostly aim at them!  I myself have a couple of the "gattling" guns as heavy bolter team stand in models and they are truly inspiring.

Lucky Punk Miniatures
Link: Website
Lucky Punk Miniatures are "sandbag" specialists.  I know this doesn't sound exciting, but wait till you see what they have in store!  Anyone collecting a guard army should have a good look around!

More to add?  Post below and I will copy them up!  

Give us reviews and opinions on there products, and feel free to post any pictures.

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